Climate Puzzle

Plan your low-carbon lifestyle with the Climate Puzzle – the English language version of the Climate Puzzle in now on pre-sale! The Puzzle illustrates the magnitude of the change required and the true significance of various everyday actions. The Climate Puzzle is a diverse planning and educational game for individuals and households, as well as for schools, groups of colleagues and decision-makers in both public and private sector.

In addition to outlining your own goals and learning about low-carbon lifestyles, the Climate Puzzle guides you to consider how society should change to make sustainable lifestyles easier and faster to implement. In this way, the Climate Puzzle helps you to take action in your daily life and also to observe when change is not just about yourself.

The Climate Puzzle is currently available in Finnish and Swedish, with Finland-specific low-carbon options. The English language version is now in the making and is on pre-sale until 31.5.2022!

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Climate Puzzle is now on pre-sale!

The Finnish country version of the game will soon be available also in English –

Climate Puzzle is now on pre-sale until 31.5.2022.


See pre-sale campaign prices below!


Who is the Climate Puzzle for?

The Climate Puzzle is suitable for anyone interested in sustainable lifestyles. The Puzzle can be used to plan a low-carbon lifestyle change, stir conversation, and teach climate topics. Especially when played in groups, the Climate Puzzle is an ideal conversation opener.

The versatile planning and educational game is suitable for youth13 years old and adults. The game can be used alone, in groups or, for example, by your own household or team of colleagues. The youngest members of the family can also participate in making the plan, for example together with their parents.

You can get started with the instructions that come with the game. In addition, we offer facilitation training, especially for the school use of the Climate Puzzle. We also organize guided workshops and accelerators, in which the game has a central role.

This is how the Climate Puzzle works

There are six steps in the Climate Puzzle that will guide you or your group to consider the carbon footprint, the starting point of the Puzzle, to the goals of the Paris Agreement and ultimately to try sustainable actions in practice. If you wish, you can tailor the game session so that the entity suits yourself or your group in the best way possible. At the Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator, we go through all six phases and the different phases are monitored with carbon footprint calculations.


The carbon footprint
The game starts by marking the carbon footprint on the game board. The starting level can be, for example, one's own or the household's carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of the average Finn or the carbon footprint of one group member.


The low-carbon actions
Next, you go through and select sustainable actions. The Climate Puzzle contains about 100 actions related to housing, food, mobility, and goods, services, and leisure. The size of the pieces tells you how much impact they have on your carbon footprint.


The sustainable lifestyle plan
Once the actions have been selected, a plan for sustainable living until 2030 will be drawn upon the basis of the actions chosen. When making a plan, you will take into consideration what actions can be taken immediately, what within the next couple of years, and what by 2030 at the latest.


My actions
At this point, we go deeper into actions that can be put to the test immediately. What does it take to carry out experiments or implement the actions? Maybe learning new skills, changing routines, or major acquisitions.


Once your own prospects and goals have been identified, the questions on the Wish cards are used to consider how and who can make it easier and faster to take action on low carbon actions. Once the appropriate public and private sectors and actions have been considered, we encourage you to get the message across.


Time to reduce your carbon footprint! You can now start implementing the selected actions during, for example, a week, a month or even a year - until the year 2030.

Order the game or ask more about workshops and accelerators

Do you want to use the game as an educational tool, promote sustainable lifestyles in your municipality, or raise climate awareness among your colleagues through illustrative examples and calculations? Check out the Climate Puzzle, workshops and accelerators below and get in touch!


Climate Puzzle

The game allows you to build your own roadmap for a sustainable lifestyle, or to facilitate teaching and workshops on climate change and sustainable lifestyles. The content and goals of the Climate Puzzle are based on scientific research.

One game can be used individually or in groups of 3-5 people.

One game package includes

  • Game package
    • 1 double-sided game board
    • 2 My carbon footprint pieces
    • 137 Low-carbon actions
    • 26 empty pieces
    • 1 Target 2050 piece
    • 3 Action cards
    • 5 Wish cards
    • Game instructions
  • Facilitator Guide (pdf)

Pre-sale prices for the English language version (incl. VAT and delivery to Finland):

1-5 pcs: 189 €/pcs 169€/pcs
6-10 pcs: 179 €/pcs 159€/pcs
11-30 pcs: 169 €/pcs 149€/pcs
31-50 pcs: 159 €/pcs 139€/pcs
51+ pcs: 149 €/pcs 129€/pcs

Contact us in case of delivery outside of Finland.

Payment methods: Bill. When you indicate the size of the order on the order form, you will receive a bill and payment instructions as a return message.

Delivery: Parcel delivery.

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Language and country versions

Currently the game is available in Finnish and Swedish and available for pre-order in English, with Finnish country-specific actions. 

If you are interested in other country versions, you can contact us to get the newest information regarding your country or preferred language. We are always interested in new collaborations!

Training for teachers and facilitators

In addition to the game package, we offer facilitation training specifically for teachers, where we introduce the content of the game, the stages of the game, and share tips for using the game in school.

Duration: 45-180 min
Language: Training can be held in Finnish, English and German.
Location: The training is mainly carried out as an online lecture. If arranged other than online, the training is offered mainly in Finland. In case you are interested in arranging the training with us in another location, please contact us for further information.
Price from: 400 € (+ VAT + travel expenses)

1.5 Degree Lifestyles Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to deepen the participants’ understanding of sustainable lifestyles and give them concrete ideas for reducing their carbon footprint. Depending on the target group, the workshop guides individuals and households to make concrete plans, or through group work and discussion, introduce participants to the themes of the Climate Puzzle. In the workshop, we go through the first five stages of the Climate Puzzle.

The workshop is suitable for both individuals and households, as well as for various events and workgroups. The recommended number of participants for household workshops is about 1-25 households and for group workshops about 20-100 participants. The duration of the workshop is 2.5 hours.

Content of the workshop

  • Carbon footprint calculation with an online calculator
  • Presentation on climate change and sustainable lifestyles by D-mat
  • The Climate Puzzle workshop facilitated by D-mat

Duration: 2,5 h
Language: Workshops can be held in Finnish, English and German. Note, that currently, the Climate Puzzle is only available in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Location: Workshops are offered mainly in Finland. In case you are interested in organising a workshop with us in another location, please contact us for further information. The workshop can also be conducted remotely.
Price from: 2500 € (+ VAT + travel expenses)


Sustainable Lifestyle Accelerator

In the accelerator, households or other participants can concretely reduce their carbon footprint. The accelerator consists essentially of two workshops, a carbon footprint calculation and an experiment month. Accelerators can be organized in co-operation with, for example, municipalities and companies. The entity will be tailored according to the needs. We also gladly involve partner companies in the accelerators that can support participants' sustainable experiments with their products and services during the experiment period.

One accelerator can involve 1-25 households and its duration is about 2-3 months. Participants must participate in at least the completion of the D-mat carbon and material footprint test and the first workshop to make a sustainable lifestyle plan using the Climate Puzzle.

The basic package of the accelerator includes e.g.

  • Carbon Footprint Calculation: Participants' baseline and progress are illustrated with the help of carbon footprint calculations in three steps
  • Two workshops: In the first workshop we complete e.g. a plan for sustainable living with the help of the Climate Puzzle (2.5 h) and at the end of the accelerator we will gather to discuss the results of the experiments and experiences (2 h)
  • Experiment period: During the one-month experiment period, participants experiment with actions in everyday life
  • Accelerator Letters: During the experiment period, participants will receive a newsletter on accelerator themes once a week

In addition, the organization that has ordered the accelerator has the opportunity to receive information about the participants' footprints as well as the wishes expressed by the participants.

Duration: about 2-3 months
Language: Accelerator can be held in Finnish, English and German. Note, that currently, the Climate Puzzle is only available in Finnish.
Location: Accelerators are offered mainly in Finland. In case you are interested in organising an accelerator with us in another location, please contact us for further information. The accelerator can also be conducted remotely.
Price from: 8000 € (+ VAT + travel expences)

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Place an order or ask for more information using the form below. When you state the order quantity in the message field, you will receive an answer attached to the bill and payment instruction. We will contact you regarding delivery once the games have arrived.

Please note, that currently the game is available in Finnish and Swedish and available for pre-order in English, with Finnish country-specific actions. If you are interested in other country versions, you can contact us to get the newest information regarding your country. We are also interested in new collaborations.

If you are interested in our workshops or accelerators, please contact us and tell us more about your wishes in the message field. We prepare an offer e.g. according to the number of participants and the target group.

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