Climate Puzzle workshops

The Climate Puzzle workshop will deepen participants' understanding of sustainable lifestyles and give them concrete ideas for reducing their carbon footprint. The Climate Puzzle workshop can be used for courses and camps, and is particularly suitable for events. The workshops are also part of the Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerators in municipalities and are organised as part of projects. They also work well in conjunction with footprinting. The workshop is available in Finnish and English.

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Workshops at events

Climate Puzzle workshops have been held at several events, both open to the public, for example at Science Night and Helsinki Design Week, and for a more limited audience, for example at the Scouts' Leaders' Fire.

The Climate Puzzle is an ideal programme to stimulate discussion about sustainable lifestyles and the future. Participants can take home a to-do list of sustainable lifestyles changes they have made themselves to guide them in making concrete changes.

The workshop includes

  • Calculating your carbon footprint with an online calculator
  • Expert lecture on climate change and sustainable lifestyles by Michael Lettenmeier
  • Playing the Climate puzzle game facilitated by experts


  • Recommended number of participants: 1-25 households or 20-100 people.
  • Recommended duration: min. 2,5 h
  • The scope and content of the workshop package can be tailored to the client's needs. The game part is available in Finnish, English and Swedish, the expert lecture in Finnish, English and German.

Keynote speeches

We also deliver presentations on topical sustainable development topics. D-mat's CEO Michael Lettenmeier is one of Finland's leading experts on resource wise solutions. Keynote speeches focus on themes such as the circular economy, climate change, and sustainable production and consumption, and are always tailored to your needs.

Michael has researched, for instance, sustainable lifestyle policy tools and scenarios to reduce material and carbon footprints. He obtained his PhD from Aalto University on the research topic of sustainable levels of material footprints. He has also conducted and managed sustainability assessments and footprint calculations for numerous companies.

The keynote speech can be delivered together with the Climate Puzzle workshop or separately as a stand-alone event. Typical duration is 30-60 minutes. Presentations are always based on the latest scientific research.